concepts of data-management

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starting point

A story of "data kingdoms" ...

The situation is pretty the same in most companies: The data is stored in many different software-systems and databases. This results in work intensive and parallel data management processes with inconsistent results.

Data Flow based on "copy and paste", thousands of office documents on several file servers and a confusing landscape of access rights lead to a loss of transparency and acceptance.

utilization of non-structured data

Just in the first stages of product development, a lot of so called "non-structured data" is created and stored in form of Excel and Word documents.

In later project stages this kind of data is needed but hard to utilize. So people start working with copy & paste again and are far away from highly optimized process chains. 

Our objective: 

We help to avoid non-structured data by "catching" it in a more structures way.

You will get rid of the Excel Sheets step by step.

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completing the IT-infrastructure

Existing systems are complemented by the semantic data platform. Data interfaces are managed by using a middleware.

Additional functional requirements are implemented in form a role specific and lean "Micro Apps" that replace the Excel jungle.