A company specific Data Catalog - nothing off the shelf

Do you need to gain better transparency and see the data lineage across your systems? If so, a ‘Data Catalog’ might be a helpful approach.


Data Catalogs are not likely to be available off the shelf. Supposed ‘standards’ will never exactly meet your demands.


This is a perfect use case to utilize the flexibility of the graph database Neo4j.

semantic PDM offers a Module ‘Data Catalog’ built with their 'Graph Designer' framework based on Neo4j.




After importing data from the legacy systems, data enrichment is processed based on configurable rules. Through the configuration of specific roles and permissions the access and maintenance of data can be configured on a very fine granulated level. So the specific departments can collaboratively add needed data for documentation purposes.


Every single data object can optionally be handled following predefined workflows with state specific access control. Use your company specific terminology to clean your "semantic mess".


Build the views derived from your operational use cases. The role specific views are configured following the paradigm "as much as necessary but as little as possible".



Using a mixture of Graph Views, Grids, Forms and Context Elements you can browse your Data Catalog in many different ways - always using the best fitting view to find the shortest path.