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We are convinced that the boundaries between the current software silos for PIM, PDM, MDM, requirement management, etc. will disappear in near future. These independent systems with separate data models are no longer necessary. 

One single graph-based data platform will be used as a basis for a new way of handling highly linked data.


No matter if requirements manager, hardware developer, marketing, product manager or sales people - everyone should have access  to the graph as a "single point of truth". Using role-specific "views", everyone is provided with the perfect type and amount of data for working on his tasks.


We support you with methodology and tools to implement this concept:



  • We offer a toolset of schema designer and app designer for application development with the neo4j graph database.
  • First, the necessary data model is designed with the Schema Designer and stored as a graph in neo4j.
  • Based on these results, role- and task-specific micro-applications (micro-apps) are implemented with the App-Designer.
  • Import and export interfaces to existing systems (ERP, CRM, DMS, ...) allow the orchestration of data flows according to the defined data sovereignty.
  • This combination of individual modules to a "toolbox" follows the relevant requirements of the needed application. 
  • Currently we offer toolboxes for Product Information Management (PIM-Toolbox) and Product Data Management (PDM-Toolbox). An addition one for Systems Lifecycle Management (SysLM-Toolbox) is in work.
  • The toolboxes can be extended at any time with additional functionality (pre-configured or individually developed).