SysLM Toolbox

SysLM stands for "System Lifecycle Management" - a comprehensive view of a product or system from cradle to grave.


This includes on the one hand the data known from the areas of PDM and PIM. In addition, however, there is information from the areas of requirements management (RM), complaints, maintenance, etc.


The current discussions about SysLM show that this "comprehensive view" - in the sense of a supplement to the known data worlds - will gain in importance quite a lot.


Our SysLM Toolbox contains preconfigured modules for the maintenance and viewing of ...


  • Requirement Management
  • functional modeling objects *
  • Product and component master data
  • structural data (revised parts lists and recipes)
  • Images and graphics
  • 3D models
  • various derived formats
  • Compliance data
  • Complaint data *
  • Error management *


Note: points marked with * are currently under construction