PDM Toolbox

The focus of PDM systems is the management of technical data from the different development areas.

Many systems used today were initially build up with the focus of mechanical design. Therefor they are pretty much integrated with classical CAD systems. 

However, current and future requirements for the management of technical data exceed the current functional scope. 


We are convinced that the representation of all technical data from the development of a product on one single graph-based data platform offers significant advantages compared to the systems currently available on the market.


Our PDM Toolbox consists of pre-configured modules for the management and viewing of ...


  • Product Master Data (MDM)
  • technical attributes (freely definable attribute templates)
  • Graphics and images
  • technical drawings
  • version controlled bill of materials (BOM)
  • 3D models
  • Generation of various data formats
  • Approvals and certificates
  • Material Compliance Data
  • Chemical substances ("Bill of Substances")
  • Data sheets, component documentation
  • Raw materials and their variants
  • Data Interfaces to existing systems (ERP, CAD, MDM)