Graph based platform for documentation

Rendered markup

Do you need a documentation platform that combines the convenience of a Wiki with the power of a graph database?


Do you love the wiki way of creating content but suffer also the limitation of this philosophy?


You can write your text by using a richtext or markdown editor and add specific data objects like versiones images and diagrams.

Integrated diagram editor

You can create diagrams in like you do it with Visio. Every diagram is version controlled and follows a configurable state machine.

Explicit linking

When placing an image or a diagram within a text page, the links are saved as specific "link nodes" in the graph.

So replacing an image or a link to another text section is a matter of one click - including a consistent history of what was done by whom and when.

No editing or search & replace in your markdown or richtext is necessary.

Language neutral linking

When linking one text section to another, all translations of this text are using the same link node via UUID. 

Adding a new translation of an e.g. help page means no additional work concerning the incoming links from other help pages or document sections. 

The system traverses to the translation in the currently used UI language.