... coping with the flood of data ...

Every day you generate an incredibly high

amount of data when documenting the manufacturing of products.

The fiction that managing such an amount

of data would work easily with modern

technology is disproved by reality.


Usually one and the same content is stored several times, copied and pasted to different places and in different formats. In this case, the relation between dedicated instances of data isn't documented sufficiently - although those data relations play a key-role for high-quality data-management.


Hoping that the flood of data would end one day won't realize. Digitization is speeding up and with every additional piece of data you will have to anser the question: where is it supposed to be stored?


That's the reason why we concentrate on the following jobs within our projects:



  • What kind of data types are to be handled?
  • Is a clear terminology available for describing the data objects?
  • What is the data source - where does it come from?
  • Is there a clearly defined data sovereignity?


  • Where does the data need to be stored?
  • What context to other data objects is necessary to be defined?
  • What are the relationships between the data objects?
  • Are these relationships unique?


  • Is there a revisioning of data necessary?
  • Are any role-specific access rights defined?
  • How can you avoid the uncontrolled growth of excel-data?
  • How much meta-data needs to be added before storing?


  • How do you want to search this "connected data"?
  • Which context/ metadata is supposed to be used for search?
  • Do you need to have role specific search strategies to be implemented?
  • What is necessary to avoid copies of meta data for better search?