create your own "data platform" based on graph database neo4j

You need a flexible data platform driven by the power of Graph database neo4j?

Build it yourself! This is no rocket science. 


Media Management based on neo4j

Following the paradigm "everything is a graph" every single part of the data platform can be configured as a Graph. No matter whether Forms, Grids or GraphViews or the flow of the application with Menus, Buttons, Breadcrumb, etc. - all these things are rendered based on a Graph specifically build according your demands.


MDM, PIM, PDM, Data Catalog, Compliance or Requirements Management are only some of the areas, where Graphs are much better to be used than relational databases. Connect your data fragments and provide highly performant cross division views on that graph structure. 


Graph Designer

The framework "Graph Designer" from semantic PDM is a toolbox for building your specific platform solution. Start with the definition of the data schema (graph data model) and - based on that - configure your applications (Micro Apps) as a graph "workflow".

If you don't want to start from scratch, use some of the pre configured modules (Terminology Management, Components & BOMs, Media Assets, Documents, Properties, Compliance, Requirements, MBE and some more)


Within quite a shot period of time you are able to go productive with your platform. The high flexibility allows to "start small and grow step by step".


Role specific Views on your data allow a better understanding of dependencies and provide maximal transparency.

Configure the easy to be used UI according your needs and processes. 


Give it a try