Our services

Our goal is to provide you with both methodology and tools for the confident management of highly networked data.


We follow a practice-proven approach:



We analyze your data and application landscape and develop domain-specific data models together with the employees of the respective departments as a basis for all further steps

conceptual design

We design the interaction between existing applications (ERP, CRM, MES, ...) and the newly emerging graph-based data platform.

The basis for this is the principle of clear data sovereignty and the consistent avoidance of multiple maintenance


The "Graph Designer", developed especially for neo4j, is a low coding toolset for the development of browser-based, role-specific micro-applications (micro-apps) for the maintenance of data organized as graphs.

All UI elements such as tables, forms and graphical views are also managed as objects of the neo4j graph database. 


We train your employees in the use of our methodology and tools.

Our goal is to enable you to manage your data with your own resources and after a compact training phase.